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18. Teaching & Vulnerability


When does sharing vulnerability cross a line and become exploitative? The most impactful leaders have overcome personal strife, and Jesse Israel is no exception. Once at odds with bouts of anxiety and depression, today Jesse is an influential community leader. Co-founder Cantora Records, signing bands such as MGMT and Francis and the Lights, Jesse now leads some of the world's most innovative mass meditations, through The Big Quiet & Medi Club. And certified as a meditation teacher by 1 Giant Mind, he asks: are there boundaries to how far a teacher should go in revealing their personal vulnerabilities, while teaching and leading others? The discussion opens up a candid look at the growing trend in the wellness world to be profoundly open and vocal about one's vulnerabilities. How much is too much? As a veteran teacher and community leader himself, Jonni provides thoughtful insight on how one can lead and teach in the most human way, without losing sight of boundary and student need. Taking the subject further, Jonni poses examples in which sharing vulnerability with students can be appropriate and effective. "Vulnerability is not necessarily power, but instead a gateway to it.” In response, Jesse talks about his own experiences and relates what a minister once told him: “share from the scar, not the wound.” Speak about your vulnerability from a place from empowerment, not of victimhood. This is a great episode for anyone trying to find that balance, as a teacher or as leader of any kind.